The TRUTH About My Car Accident.

Avaldati 18 mai 2021
Today we are going on a journey. Here is what has been happening in my life for the last month.
My best friend Daniel and I were in a horrible car accident that changed our lives and was very haunting. It's been exactly ONE month since everything happened and I wanted to talk about everything. I never expected sympathy but the amount of people who were celebrating our accident, was truly disturbing. Here is the TRUTH about everything. Thank you all so much for all the well wishes and love, it's been overwhelming and such appreciated.

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  • So was he on a vent for his lungs when he said he woke up 2 weeks later?? The dogs are adorable..glad you both are okay💜💚

  • Glad your both alive and recuperating. However, black ice is the same shit that took out the tour bus that killed the bassist, of Metallica sadly. If it can take out a full blown grey hound, that shit is lethal and shows people it's the phantom of mother nature that strikes anyone anywhere. Once again, glad you guys made it out and yes accidents like that are traumatic and shifts the way you will feel from that point on. God Bless...take care.

  • Your skin is so beautiful ❤️😎

  • What’s so sad Is that people was saying wished there was one more roll and you would be dead! People are just evil!

  • Damn, my Mitsubishi 😪❣️😇

  • 💙💙💙

  • thats sucks

  • Jeffree star is worse than james charles

  • Hello madam jefree your my idol,you are my fans also my son ilove you so much my dream idol in the world

  • HI Jeffree , am sorry about the accident . So glad you are doing well . Am a nurse who is always on the go . I would like ,to get my makeup done . Not good with it . Any advice?

  • Prayers up for you two!!!

  • Jeffree, I love you. You’re beautiful, you are talented and you are fierce. Never, never, never give up. So glad you’re okay

  • jeffree, i wish you heal completely, and will be painfree. Please be careful girl !!!!

  • Is it me or when I’m playing a video game or doing something I just put Jeffery on while playing my video game or doing work around the house?

  • im glad your both doing well

  • I grew up on Hat Six. I had watched some of your videos for research on something unrelated. Seeing how you drive I knew Hat Six would get you. Hat Six is not a road you should feel complacent on, she will humble you real quick.



  • Best wishes. On a side note.... I love Jeffrey with short hair and short nails. Stunning!! Feel better soon!

  • He’s lucky asf I had to wear my back brace for 4 months 🥲

  • My best friend my cousin died on April 1 2019 in a car accident 😢 I am still broken from losing him.. I also believe if his side air bags worked he would have lived !!! They didn't go off or his car didn't have them which they were suppose too have them

  • Wow!! Karma is gonna get the People who wish they died!! shame on you all YOU NEVER WISH ANYONE DEATH!! I live i Canada 🇨🇦 and I tell you when it's winter here I go NO WHERE on the Hiways!! Because of the black ice!! Always Remember winter weather you need a 4x4 Truck or Suv and most definitely ALL WHEEL never hit the breaks on ice... Thank God you all Safe and Alive

  • But I will always buy your merchandise!! I love Jeffery 🤩🤩

  • Well with that Vaccine why didn't they show Jeffrey gets his ? Also the needle i have seen is LONG'LONG!!! This one was on the smaller side..I have heard the second shot is the worst !!! I am curious try the Magnet 🧲 test?? 😆.... Ill pass on that Jab ....

  • I'm so glad to see your happy again..

  • In Europa you can’t get a vaccine if you had COVID till 6 months.

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  • QUEEN! love you Regarding the vaccine, I received the first round of Pfizer and about a month later tested positive for COVID. Since then, I have tested negative and have received the second dose. All that to say, I would still practice safety measures when in big crowds due to the various strains/variations of the virus. You’re lovely and so thankful you’re healing ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎

  • Que se recuperen bien 👋🏼 Ese coche salvo sus vidas

  • Best wishes to you and your mate. Horrendous. I have been in one bad car accident and currently on surgery number 13 with complicated fistula surgery. When you said your friend had fistula and a mass my heart broke. I think your amazing and keep it real. You’ve got this. 💪 please keep going your helping all of us.

  • This made me tear up a little because I’m one of Jeffers biggest fans

  • If you have already had covid...the vaccine won't do anything for you. It can make shit way worse for your health. Covid has been here since 2015. It was created in N. Carolina in a collab with China. I thought everyone knew that. SMH. In all the " conspiracy", you missed the truth.

    • Human Coronavirus has been around since the 60's. Also, coronavirus is part of a large family of viruses.

  • What does God think about gays?

  • Poor Daniel....praying for him .

  • Black Ice is no joke and you can't see it.

  • Who cares?

  • Jeffery there is life after death. I encourage you find a good church and have a relationship with Jesus Christ. You have been given a second chance to live.

  • I remember seeing my car after my accident. You should see what a car-carrier tractor trailer can do to a stopped Chevy Impala. That got our oldest son came home early and offered to babysit his 3 baby brothers for me last minute while I went to a doctor's visit. They would not be here if they were with me.

  • I don't care who it is, anybody who takes the time to make a nasty comment to someone they've never met not only is emotiononally stable, but far worse with worse behavior than those they are supposedly 'calling out". They are too unintelligent, immature and poorly raised to connect that, as most get that and were taught to know better. What karma do you think making nasty comments unprovoked and wishing dead gets you. How many decent, happy, successful, loved people do you think spend their time making nasty comments to people on the internet? None, because they don't.

  • I had just gotten my first COVID vaccine shot a week ago felt fine maybe felt sick one day after but then felt fine, a little sleepy but that is cool, I feel great now I got the Pfizer Vaccine so I am going in again in a couple weeks and getting the last dose. I think the COVID vaccine is effective.

  • God saved you guys Jeffree. Please believe you are His child and He loves you both. That is my wish for you know how deeply and unconditionally loved you both are by Him. He may hate some of the choices we all make from time to time but He never hates us. His love is never-ending!!!! 💕

  • The aids is coming

  • About time you changed your hair. You do not have good hair...I don't have good hair so I know what I am talking about. This new look suits you so much better and you can change the color to whatever you want that month.

  • My grandkids think I'm an old fuddy-duddy. Probably am. So I told 'em I subscribed to jeffreestar. Now they think I'm cool. I didn't really subscribe, but perception is all that counts.

  • I love you Jefree and I have had two spinal surgeries and also have scoliosis. Look after your spine darling. Please

  • He told the driver of bus to slow down, that's crazy!! Jeffrey follow your intuition!

  • I wish this video didn’t involve you getting in such an awful accident but I will say the mood of this video is so refreshing. Keep recovering and stay safe!!

  • Jeffree Star you are an amazing human being. Happy you are recovering well, and do not forget how BLESSED you are to still be here. Know that God has given you life time and time again after all that you have conquered through your entire life. You never fail to forget to remember who YOU are, and no matter how much sh** life continues to throw at us, nothing can bring Jeffrees stunning sexy self down!!!! All the hard work that Jeffree continues to accomplish in his life, this is obviously HIS time to finally be able to recognize and recollect all blessings in life. To pause for a quick minute and breathe, to accept whats in front of you and finally let the world revolve around Jeffree Star himself. Its about time Jeffree gets all the TLC he needs from everyone, instead of Jeffree doing it all!! Its so lovely to see a role model like him be taken care of after all the hard work he does for his people and his fans all over the world!!! Jeffree does so much already independently. A hard worker like no other ONLY deserves a mini break in life. Even if it had to be as serious as a rollover car accident, as long as Jeffree is here and has his self care in this big cruel world. It had to happen sooner or later for Jeffree, where he can count all his blessings still yet to come, and continue standing tall doing what Jeffree Star does best!!! No matter what we go through we need to remember how BLESSED we actually are in all reality. God Bless and Stay Blessed. I love you Jeffree Star!! your #1 fangirl :)

  • You should have you’re own dispos in every state!

  • After watching this i got into a car accident 😐

  • "I dont think that I can do this anymore." *sniffs and attempts fake cry* FFS! LMFAO!

  • ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🩹

  • Sometimes Watching Jeffree's Video make me smile a little bit. And I wish I could experience the Life of Jeffree Star.😔😭

  • The blessing in disguise is the Dr. finding something that may have gone undetected had the accident not happened! Praising God along with u both that yall were spared🙏💯🙋‍♀️

  • I feel so bad for him that he had a car accident.

  • I lived in Casper....


  • I mean, Its good that you’re okay. But I wouldn’t be recording in a hospital. I would keep this all private. Or at least save it for a video when your at home. I am worried for your friend. The beginning makes me sick to my stomach. I have family members that had been in a car crash. I’m sorry this happened to you. I wasn’t aware of what happened I didn’t watch the full video and I was in rage. Please be careful.

  • Jeffree, what a nightmare! But how’s Daniel doing? Do you think for him this was a blessing in disguise?

  • That fine piece of auto machinery fully saved their lives. Right on RR

  • Wow you’re views are low

  • I hope Jeffree goes to a good chiropractor after he heals!

  • I pray the mass goes away and all the best to Jeffrey and Daniel. Do not listen to the devil as he uses those who are too weak and ignorant to hurt those he/she/it fears. Bestrong Brother.

  • So glad you both are recovering!! Be your true self and heck with everyone else!! Hugs!!❤

  • Literally a mixed of Regina George and eleven

  • Jeffree is so cute with his pixie cut and hoop earrings! 😍💜

  • I wore a "Turtle shell" after falling 40 feet.... Gawd, I never dreaded going to the bathroom so much in my life and if I dropped something that bitch stayed on the floor!

  • I hope you heal soon ❤🧡💛 keep your mind & body strong, and especially your Spirit. God bless u Jeffrey! I am glad you made it alive!

  • 4:38 makes my heart so happy to see you safely on the floor with your babies

  • so glad you guys are okay! me and my cousin got in an accident last halloween and I also believe my car saved us! I have a Honda Element and we spun out jumped the median and a curb, luckily we didn't flip but the car that hit us was smashed in the front bc it was so small. on the outside it hardly looked like we got in an accident all the damage was underneath! I will always recommend big cars!

  • 🌹💝🙏🙏🙏

  • Wishing a full recovery for both of you, for all the issues.

  • Thank you for being kind and respectful to your doctors and nurses 💕 many people aren't (TM👀) so it's really nice to see you showing them respect and listening. Hoping for a full recovery for you and Daniel

  • Watching this the day after getting my second vaccine! Was feeling sooo bad the same night and still having some side effects tonight... Feels like having the flu 🥲 But all good, hopefully better tomorrow ✌🏽

  • So glad you are Ok. The airbags really saved you guys. I hit black ice Dec 26 th 2020, and rolled over several times as I was moving from one hwy to another. The amount of thoughts and the slowing down of time will never leave me, how many things I thought of, my sons who thankfully were not with me, if they would know, or when, if we would see each other again, my sister and nephews, my unfinished work, and all so peacefully as the outside world went upside down and over and over, until I landed upside down hanging from my seatbelt, no air bags, glass smashed all around me and the seatbelt wouldn’t open. I tried to call for help, the phone didn’t work. The door was lodged in mudd, but a lady stopped and helped me out. My head started swelling in several places, having hit the side of vehicle while turning. And would you believe the cop gave me a ticket for “ wheels off roadway” and the medic didn’t take me to ER. I am autistic with selective mutism and was crying, and rocking, and I got a ride with someone to hospital.I was driving from western WA to Spokane to get my sons best friend but didn’t make it ten miles because of that ice, never had a ticket or accident ever. So thankful my sons were not with me though. Hope you get better and your friend. The flashbacks are still coming for me, in fact I didn’t realize how much I was holding in, because I just cried my eyes out writing this. Be safe lovely. So good you are both Ok.

  • I got my Pfizer but I never been sick with both shots. I just got my arm paralyzed for a day. That’s all

  • I just watched this, and I felt so sad.. I think the world of Jefree Star. I am so happy you and your friend are healing.

  • I hope Daniel gets better 🙏

  • Why would anyone wish death to anyone that’s so fucked up that makes me so upset 😡

  • If you were in your Tesla, you probably would have gotten out of there without of scratch. Tesla’s are the worlds safest cars.

  • 💕💕🤲🤲🌸🌸🌻🌻

  • Maybe you should've changed out the sports tires honey, you're not in LA anymore.

  • This is a very scary and serious situation. I'm sorry this happened to both of you and hope you both recover fully. I'm sorry for all the hurtful words that have been said to you. I can't even imagine having to mentally deal with thousands of people telling you, you should have died. That's horrible and I hope you heal from this mentally and physically.

  • God kept you safe❤️

  • So glad you got good news on your x-rays ❤️

  • There is such things as karma!

  • 💗🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐾🐾🐾🐾. I love to see Jeffree loving his dogs….I know how special a pet (Which I consider them babies) can make in one’s life…Much love 💕 New Orleans 🎭🍾🎉🎭

  • 🙏🙏❤️❤️

  • Good 50% of this video is just a vaccine review. But whatever, love you Jeffree, scorpio fam! ♥️ We gather all the homies together and tear those Walmarts up!

  • You can’t tell me jefree sounds like nikicado avocado he sounds exactly like him

  • Wow. I had to check you out. Awesomeness. You are beautifull gorgeous. Congratulations on being EEpush's richest and most subscribers. Wow over 16 million. You rock. You look amazing. Sweeeet. Yummy 😋

  • the rolls;(

  • Doesn't matter what vehicle you're driving, black ice will get you.

  • So you're telling me- you can just walk in and get vaccinated in a Walmart? My country is falling apart just from trying to register for the damn vaccine. Great. I hate my country. Nothing new.

  • The earth would be a better place had you not made it through the wreck.

  • Cool Rolls Royce

  • Babeeee....!!!! No!!!!!?! So glad u r okay ....obviously ;) !!!!!!!!!!

  • Honestly, that vehicle looked hardly damaged for being rolled 3 times and what they went through... Honestly I'd LOVE to get a Rolls Royce now for my kids sake now knowing this.

  • Weather is always extreme here in Wyoming! Wait for a good Microburst, that will scare you Glad you feel better

  • I’ve been in a bad car accident before and I know how scary they are you are so lucky bc when I was in mine there were 3 other people with me I wasn’t driving but 2 of their seatbelts broke and non of our airbags went off you are so lucky that your car protected you the way it did! And maybe it did happen for a reason like everyone is saying so his tumor was found!!